Mar 29, 2010

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Spring is the season when all of nature makes music. Crickets chirp louder, rain taps at windows and  the skies clap with thunder.

Best of all, birds require no sheet music to sing their beautiful melodies.

These bird-inspired craft projects will have you humming happily as well!

chickens are birds too!

Resources for decorative supplies: Factory Direct Craft
Check out these ideas for cheap, beautiful bird craft projects here and here and here and here. WOW. Heather at Dollar Store Crafts is blowing my mind with these fantastic, wallet-friendly ideas

Mar 28, 2010

Bring Spring to Where You're Living in 5 Quick Ways

There are those who are fortunate enough to have the resources to completely redecorate their homes with the change of the season. For the rest of us mere earthlings, here are 5 quick ways to welcome spring into your home:
Swap out your accent pillow shams for bright ones

Roll up that ornate heirloom or oriental area rug and treat your feet to bright, patterned ,stain-resistant rugs which can withstand the clomping of wet rain boots and sopping umbrellas

Slide lightweight curtains into your curtain rods, going from heavy, wintry fabrics like velvet to light, homey ones like cotton or twill and swapping out traditional valances for simple tap-top curtains

Decorate with flowers


Add an umbrella stand to your foyer/entryway. You're going to need it whilst April showers bring May flowers!

Mar 24, 2010

As the Wind Chimes and Sun Shines

I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and as I passed several houses in my neighborhood, I heard the beautiful sound of wind chimes. Wind chimes are a marvelous soundtrack to every season of the year. When I hear spring, I hear the hollow chime of bamboo or wooden chimes. When I hear autumn and winter, I hear the cold ting-a-ling of brass or copper chimes. In the summertime..well the summer needs no soundtrack,although ceramic and glass chimes provide a light and delicate melody.

this site even lets you listen to the chime before you buy it!

the sound of bamboo chimes is my favorite!

If you have a room with lots of windows 
or a pair of french doors which you frequently open,
bring the wind chime indoors for a little more melodious living

get whimsical with this fisherman chime!

support fair trade with this bamboo chime made in Indonesia

Mar 22, 2010

When It Rains

I love the rain. I always have. It has been raining all day. 
My dream home will have a spot where I can sit outside
and inhale the scent of the earth when it rains
a place sheltered enough for the sky's tears to just mist me 
sheltered enough so I can stay there all morning and afternoon
so much so that I get completely lost in reading
and lose count of the raindrops




Mar 20, 2010

The Ottoman Empire II

I can't get enough- can you?

I love the combination of golden brass with warm colors like orange
This ottoman would look great in a spacious apartment with Parisian decor

this piece is bold and would accent a room with bold colors nicely
traditional can still be interesting
minimal but not boring
the low height of this piece suits an overstuffed library/study which probably has little space to spare
such beautiful legs!
This is actually my favorite piece- its style is modern and the fabric is a simple graphic
the masculine square shape meets the feminine curved legs for a perfect balance
ottoman's almost always seem formal, but this wicker piece proves its all up to you

Find The Ottoman Empire I here

Mar 18, 2010

The Ottoman Empire I

I called it a 'poof' when I was younger, because that's what my mother called it most of the time. Some call it an 'ottoman', and most people know it as a 'footstool'.

Call it what you want, but it remains the most versatile piece of furniture to grace a home. You can use it as a footstool when you've had a long day at work...

place it in the family room for extra seating when you have friends over....

use it in the living  room with a serving tray to stow drinks and snacks nearby....

place it by the front door or the staircase landing and perch on it to quickly put on/take off your shoes on the way in/out....

you get the point-the possibilities are endless.

Ottomans come in many shapes and colors and are easily customized for extra flair and utility.

↑ how beautiful is this? So beautiful I'd be afraid to put my feet on it.maybe after a pedicure..

↑ these are unique in their shape and texture!
they would be right at home in a room with kitchy decor


Stay tuned for Ottoman Empire II


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