Oct 24, 2009

Le Salle de Sejour/ Living Room

I was reading one of Robert Kiyosaki's books when I started thinking about short-term future goals ..specifically fun goals. I realized that I have been so busy this fall that I havent spent any time getting lost in home decor magazines and websites and catalogs and such, and I miss it. So i ran to my bookshelf and grabbed an IKEA catalog, a Ballard Designs catalog, and a Better Homes & Gardens magazine- my favorite! Two hours later, I realized I had fallen into just what I had been missing out on-getting lost comparing those paint color samples in BHG and coveting Ballard Design's french-inspired home office pieces. sigh

Then I started down memory lane, recalling a "portfolio" for lack of better terms, of home magazine & catalog clippings that I had in high school, before my dreams of being an Interior Design major were so brusquely dashed. I believe that dream book is somewhere in my closet, stashed with other high school effects, and I am planning on bringing it out from under that rock next time I go home. But until then, there's nothing stopping me from collecting a few clippings on here, of decorating and designing ideas that I love, homes that inspire, and just bits and pieces I want to remember.

How did I segway from reading a financial education book to home decor? Well one of my goals after graduation and acquisition of a full-time job {cross my fingers!} is to do a bit of work our house. Our house is totally and completely lacking in decor, style and comfort,and I'd like to do what I can about it. I'd love to start with the family room, which is the most lacking in all 3 parts of the trio. I know it will take time, and money and dinner table compromises with the fam, but for now, I get what I want :)

I love the warmth of this pale yellow-its not a bright sunshine yellow, so it's perfectly inviting during any season

but you gotta love how energizing yet cool this room is..

yellow and grey make a creat contemporary couple, especially if you throw in some orange..

Now I retire to bed, dreaming of contemporary, energizing, yet cool and comfortable living spaces...


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