Apr 19, 2010

Coming Soon to a Room in Your Home...

Old News: The most sweeping Spring 2010 home decor trend is a palette of pastels.

Now lets see how we can add pastels and neutrals to home decor without toning down the wow factor.

3 rooms. 1 theme palette. Lets Go!

The color palette is as follows:

sky blue and muted peach pair up sweetly in this bathroom

minty green and grayish blue keep this room muted yet fresh
All colors are available from the Martha Stewart Paint collector, carried at your local Walmart, Home Depot and other Home stores.

Apr 6, 2010

Flowers ,Flowers Everywhere!

It seemed that everyone on my street had caught a case of the green thumb this weekend. Fathers and sons, husbands and wives, parents and kids had their pant bottoms and sleeves rolled up and were digging into the dirt.

All in the hope that a month or two from now, the fragrance of beautiful bouquets will greet us as we enter our homes. What would be better than bypassing the florist and picking flowers from your own garden? Nothing whatsoever.

autumn joy, celosia

Just beautiful! I hope this inspires you to dig into the dirt!


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