Aug 30, 2011

We can do it!

Came home exhausted last night after spending the bank holiday painting at my aunt's house. They moved in in late winter and have been wanting to change the salmon pink walls in the living room to something more neutral but figured they'd have to pay someone to do it. Until I got the itch ...

They wanted something neutral and although I'd love to have some before & after pics for you, we were time-crunched and what with covering sockets,floorboards and borders, we didnt take the time. Anyway, here is our inspiration-

we wanted a neutral color for the living room,to complement a newly installed sage green carpet
we also used it in the hallway to complete a new slate tile floor

we chose a warm terracotta for the open-plan kitchen which is adjacent to the living room
the bathroom had a mosaic of small,apple-green and creamy white tiles on the floor,so we picked 
a muted aquamarine blue to create a cool,crisp & calming effect

what do you think?
I'm so sore from squishing into tiny corners to paint behind heating radiators!

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